documentary, 45minutes long, english subtitles


On the 17.06.2007 art group Ztohoven secretly altered Czech TV broadcast. They inserted footage into the Panorama program of ČT2 channel showing illusionary nuke explosion in picturesque setting of Krkonoše Mountains.

Their aim was to contribute to discussion about media manipulation, hence the entire action was called “The Media Reality”. However in the end, it touched upon many other topics. Regardless of the action’s point, the artists were labeled dangerous hackers and digital pirates. The debate about media (in)dependence swiftly turned into a hoax accusation. Whole hell broke loose as they accidentally tapped system’s weak points, many more than they had originally expected. These days seven members of up to the point anonymous group are dragged from court to court. Fined by the council for public TV and radio broadcast on one side, awarded by National Gallery’s prize NG 333 on the other, Ztohoven members gave birth to an action which, over the period of one year, has grown into unforeseen dimensions.


účinkují Ztohoven, česká média, Jiří Baumruk, Helena Fibingerová, Petr Uhl, Martin Krafl, Daniel Růžička, Ludvík Hlaváček, Jiří Přibáň, Radek Etrych, Jan H. Vitvar, Milan Knížák, Jiří David, Milan Mikuláštík, Karel Vachek a další

sound: Stanislav Kejval
music: JTNB
motion graphics: sgnlr, Ondřej Gojda
production: Tadeáš Trojánek
cinematography: Vladimír Turner, Ztohoven
dramaturgy: Saša Gojdičvá
director, editor: Vladimír Turner

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