Austin joined the 4th Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, with an interactive Human Penny Poll.

During a beautiful April 15th, 2014 activists gathered at 2nd and Lavaca in Austin, TX to conduct a penny poll to see where average Americans would want to spend their tax dollars.

The results from the penny poll are in! We had a total of 55 individuals participate in the poll, providing their opinion with 550 pennies. Here's how the people of Austin want their tax dollars spent:

Education - 208 (37.8%)
Environment - 116 (21.1%)
Housing/Transportation/Infrastructure - 113 (20.6%)
Healthcare - 104 (18.9%)
War - 9 (1.6%)

Results speak for themselves. We currently spend approximately 57% of tax dollars on war and only 6% on education, just opposite of what people want to see happen to tax dollars. It's evident that our representatives are not representing us.

For more information on the budget and how income taxes are distributed see:

This action is organized by CodePINK Austin, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Soaw Austin, Interfaith Committee for Palestinian Rights.

Videography/Editing by Jeffry Zavala, Grace Alfar.
Reporter Rebecca Powers.
Austin Indymedia Production.

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