Amber Whitehead’s collection, The Court of Colors, exclaims that “Nothing is without value,”
celebrating the value of things that are often viewed as worthless by others. The costumes are
inspired by the lavishness and decadence embodied by 18th century Rococo style designs but
are sewn from scraps of donated and salvaged fabrics. The textile tradition of piecework is
often associated with thrift and craft. As an artist, Amber sees piecework as an expressive
medium, like paint. She chooses bold, colorful and textured materials, experimenting with
different combinations to create intricate and beautiful designs. The labor and care invested in
making this handmade cloth transforms it into material as valuable and expensive as the finest
silk or brocade. Dressed in these intricate costumes, the masked dancers of the royal Court of
Colors assemble in their Palace to celebrate.

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