The short animation was primary made as an intro for my final presentation of my Bachelor´s Degree.

First of all I took some watercolors and painted them on different paper sheets, basically blotting paper, and scanned them. Afterwards I used the scans as basis for a texture I drawn, by using ZBrush, on the 3D models. The whole animation and rendering was done in Autodesk Softimage, while the clouds and rain where created by using its new ICE application (Interactive Creative Environment) for simulations and procedural effects.

The animation of the puddles which appear when the raindrops hit the ground was produced by dripping some ink on a wet paper towel. Underneath I placed a video camera and light so that I could film the whole effect. Eventually I edited the footage in After Effects until I had a nice and smooth ink dispersion which I brought as an animated texture into Autodesk Softimage.

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