Welcome to an FCPX toolbox lesson from Pixel Film Studios.
The FCPX toolbox provides Final Cut Pro X users with essential effects and devices that all serious editors can use to finish and polish their projects.

From masking tools to stage lights, the FCPX toolbox can quickly and easily create looks that would otherwise not be possible in Final Cut Pro X.

In this lesson, we will cover the Guide Line tool.

Editors can use this tool to perfectly line up the text and images in their project.

Let's begin by selecting a clip or image in the FCPX media library and dragging it to the timeline.

Now, place the text or media that you wish to position in the timeline above the clip.
Make it the same length.

For this example, we will use a few logo P.N.G’s.

Once you have you have your clip and media in the timeline, go to the FCPX titles library to locate the Guide Line tool.

Drag the title above your clip on the Final Cut Pro X timeline and make it the same length as the footage.

Now it’s time to setup our Guides.

Select the tool in the timeline.
Then, go to the Viewer window.

Use the on-screen controls to position the vertical and horizontal guides.
For precise placement, activate the ruler in the FCPX Inspector.

Once you have your guides setup, position your media so they align with the guides.

Now for some Additional Information.

If you need more guidelines, you can stack as many as you need in the timeline.

When you are done, you can select and delete the Guide Line layers.

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