A project by Angelisa Scalera, Arunima Singh, Paula Te, Simon Herzog.

Activate.io is a digital service that enables senior citizens to establish social connections through learning and exploring shared interests. The service adds a layer to educational television programs, allowing the user to save programs they are interested in watching later.

The saved programs are then sent to activate.io’s web interface, where the user is invited to join other locals in group activities and meet-ups related to the program.

The interfaces are designed to give the user a maximum degree of control over and understanding of the service. For instance, menus are abstracted to the most basic actions users can take, and the interface evolves dynamically and comprehensively instead of switching suddenly from one state to another. Items give visual feedback and shrink and grow on screen instead of vanishing, always remaining accessible. Additionally, the font is specifically designed for readers with sight impairments. These design choices make Activate.io accessible, friendly, simple, and empowering.

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