When filming I used five different types of cameras at the same time. GoPro3 x2, "e-motimo" & "Syrp Genie" motorized heads with Canon mkIIIds for time-lapse plus Gh2 and c300. Shooting at such a big construction site when works could not be stopped was extremely difficult to manage. It took many hours just to find proper place for camera let alone multicamera shots.
Interesting moments are in the middle of this long film. :)
At 3'18'', you will see the multicamera timelaps shooting of the mounting rector`s dome weighing 190 tons with Demag crane. Right after that multicamera shooting of installation of the equipment weighing 90 tons.

The film tells the story of impressive projects and technologies used for creation of nuclear power plants in Russia. Specific construction techniques, exclusive robotic systems , special equipment and unique specialists take part in the sophisticated process design and erect the most modern nuclear power stations of a new type. More than 6000 specialists come to work every day to put up more than 200 facilities on a 80 ha site.

Facts on construction site of the nuclear plant:

130,000 cubic meters of concrete
13,500 tons of reinforcement
7000 tons of production equipment
200 objects
6000 people
120 cranes

Written & Directed by Serjo Yershov
Cinematography by Nils Kravets
Original music by Georg Novosvetov
3D artists: Alex Solodukhin, Daniil Isaachenkov
Voice over: Emil Akopov
Camera assistant: Alex Muratov
Produced by Alena Garipova

Licensed music: Neoclassic - "Epic Symphony", NikiN - "Hybrid Legacy Trailer", Sky-Productions- "Olympic-Games"

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