Topic: This house would end the U.S.’s practice of electronic surveillance being conducted without a warrant.
Should the government discontinue its program of collecting electronic information on persons without a court-issued search warrant? Since 2001, the National Security Agency of the United States of America has collected electronic information on suspicious persons and/or activity without having to show just cause an obtain a court warrant for the information. While the program was shut down temporarily in 2007 due to allegations of privacy violations by the NSA, it was revived in 2008 as the PRISM data collection program (aided by amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).

Today, the NSA collects massive amounts of data – including mined information requested from Google and Apple – in order to secure the country from the threat of terrorism both at home and abroad. The proposition side, represented by Taylor Fealy and Katelynn Hanek, will argue that the government should end the program. Andrew Carroll and Zachary Hanshaw of the opposition side will argue that the NSA electronic surveillance program ought to continue. The audience will be polled, and the winning team will represent Davis & Elkins College at James Madison University’s Madison Cup debates in April.

According to Brent Allen Saindon, D&E Instructor of Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator,
“This will be the second public debate held on our campus this academic year. The students have been working hard to develop their skills in argument. The topic is important, timely, and ought to matter to everyone. The venue is ideal. I believe this will be a wonderful, entertaining event for both students and the broader campus community. We hope that you will join us on Wednesday to help determine who will have the opportunity to represent the College next month at James Madison University.”

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