Hi Travel Bugs, Russell Hannon here and I want to tell you about a new way thousands of people are funding their travels. It's called 'Crowdraising' where travelers setup online fundraising profiles to raise money through their social networks. At the end of this video, you'll get a list of websites you can use to setup your own Crowdraising Profile.

If you browse through the profiles, you'll notice the most successful ones are those who:
- Volunteer
- Help others
- Study abroad
- Are traveling to compete in events
- Are contributing to charitable causes abroad
- Funding honeymoons, bachelor and bachelorette parties
- And disadvantaged people who need to travel out of necessity or might be looking to live out a 'once-in-a lifetime' experience.

Here are 5 key things to keep in mind before starting your crowdraising campaign:

1: People donate money to causes they support, and people they trust: Its your job to align your trip to causes that are worthy of donating to. A guys weekend in Miami probably won't fly, but if you'll be studying abroad or teaching kids, people will generally open their wallets.

2. People want to know where their money will be spent, and how others will benefit. Its fine to offset your costs with your funding as long as you're up front about how the money will be spent, and make sure you say how their donation will make a difference.

3. People who give, appreciate something in return: There are ENDLESS ways to do this. Just be creative. Offer to clean people's homes for donating $75. Or have a party for everyone who chipped in. At the very least, say you'll follow up after your trip to show how their contribution made a difference. It can be as simple as a card or a picture with a personalized thank you.

4. Groups can raise more than parties of one: If you're traveling with a group, setup a group profile and make sure everyone is playing their part. If your fundraiser if for a cause, ask those who are benefiting to share your profile through their social networks.

And Finally. Every good profile has: An engaging picture, an attention Grabbing Headline, Video of you explaining why the cause is important and why you're supporting it.

So here is a list of crowdraising sites. To learn more great ways to fund your travels, sign up to my newsletter at bttb.com. Thanks for listening and happy crowdraising.


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