By Laura Ferro and Jay Nargundkar for *dreamfly*

Ciudad Bolivar, in the southern outskirts of the Colombian capital city of Bogota, is home to thousands of refugees from outlying provinces who fled conflict over the past few decades. Now, however, Colombia has turned the corner from its troubled past, and its people are focused on helping a new generation take advantage of opportunities that were previously not available.

In late 2013, dreamfly visited our local partner, Colombianitos, which runs youth centers throughout the country. These youth centers provide kids with academic support and sporting opportunities as an outlet for avoiding the gangs and drugs that are common in their neighborhoods. In Ciudad Bolivar, we had a chance to meet countless smart, funny, polite, charming kids, visit their homes, and talk to them about their dreams.

We asked them about their hopes and ambitions, the challenges they faced, and why it was important to them that they had big dreams for their future. We will be sharing more of what they told us, along with updates on our continuing work with these children, on dreamfly's website and Facebook. Please follow along at and

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