This 40 minute film was produced between Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 as a Master's Project for the Hobart & William Smith Master of Arts in Teaching Program. The project was completed by Lara Thomas (WS '13, MAT '14) who is trained as a secondary level Earth Science, Environment Studies, and Outdoor Education educator.

Film Summary:

Environmental education is both salient and effective for many science students, but it is often excluded from
science curriculum due to the temporal, spatial, and resource restraints of modern public school classrooms. Consequently, the majority of today’s children exhibit a profound disconnect with the natural world and are usually alienated from their roles as consumers.

At the same time, our students reflect the digital society into which they were born. They have been bombarded by media and technology from an early age. If today’s students are technology savvy and responsive to media, maybe we can invite these resources into the classroom and view them as tools to aid engagement and learning.

The documentary video involves three main themes. These are (1) my personal story as an emerging science educator, (2) interviews with students and educators concerning their perceptions of nature or technology use, and (3) footage of tech-nature based lessons in action.

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