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This is a video for how to upgrade your MacBook Pro's memory for cheap.


The video will go through the following steps:
[1] How to check how much RAM you have -- (00:21)
[2] Where to buy RAM (*cheaply*) and how to scan your system to see how much RAM you should buy -- (00:38)
[3] Unscrewing your computer's backplate to access RAM -- (01:19)
[4] Taking RAM out -- (02:20)
[5] Inserting new RAM -- (02:48)
[6] Closing backplate back-up -- (03:33)
[7] Running a memory test to ensure RAM is installed properly -- (04:14)

The tools you will need to do this:
[1] Paper Towel
[2] 000 Phillips Screwdriver (w/ magnetic tip)
[3] RAM* (see website's below)

Where to buy RAM
[1] (
--- system scanner website:
**This video will teach you how to search for RAM on external sites using the RAM's Feature #: (example: DDR3 PC3-12800)

How to check RAM after install:
[1] Rember (

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