The message of Easter is a message of hope, life, victory, and faith. Jesus’ ministry provided miraculous healing, transformative teaching, and life-giving joy. It's exciting to read about Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdelene, and others who left everything to follow Jesus, but there is another side to consider.

The Gospels reveal many people who encountered Jesus chose to walk away.

This series is for anyone and everyone on the verge of walking. We’ll take a walk with the doubters, the dropouts, the disillusioned, the discouraged, and the disappointed. What can we learn about following Jesus from the people who walked away?

Today we join two very disappointed disciples. They were devoted followers of Jesus whose journey with him brought hope and meaning to their lives. Now they were leaving Jerusalem having witnessed Jesus’ death. Everything they thought they believed in was now in question and their world had been turned up-side down.

As these followers walk away, their story raises questions for others disappointed with God.

(This series was inspired and informed by the book, Unfollowers: Lessons on faith from those who doubted Jesus, by Drek Cooper and Ed Cyzewski)

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