teaser trailer for my upcoming thesis project

Scarborough has a long history as a suburb of the City of Toronto. Before it was amalgamated with other boroughs in 1998, it was a growing expansion of culturally diverse inhabitants. A forty-five minute train ride from the downtown core, Scarborough exists in stark contrast to the urbanization that surrounds this suburb.

Scarborough, 1991 is an ongoing documentary project that investigates the suburban landscape and its relationship to the artist’s notion of memory and familiarity, through the spatial lens of psycho-geography. The ‘method of loci’, or what is known as memory enhancement using visualization to organize or recall information, is a topic that has inspired the conceptualization of this project. Our memories exist within the human consciousness, and they are heavily influenced by our surroundings. The power of form and sound can shape how a situation is perceived and remembered for years to come. Through a series of images, and a VHS video installation, this project will present a view of the artist’s memory of suburban life.

Suburbia is often referred to as a ‘removed life’, and the preconceived ideas one may have about this concept often touch on a bleakness that is emphasized by the landscape. Instead, this project aims to project various depictions of community and the relationships the artist shares with their environment. By returning to places of photographical or emotional importance, the power of memory to create an experience is explored. How do we map a place as a representation of ourselves? What memories from our past have the ability to create experiences that are carried with us for the rest of our lives?

Photography, and visual documentation is centered around the idea that images embody a recollection of a particular experience. Scarborough, 1991 while very much situated in traditional notions of documentary practice, approaches the suburb at a psychological and sociological level. Through the VHS video and series of images, Scarborough 1991 aims to represent a personal interpretation of a suburban upbringing, while relating it to individual ideas about community and memory.

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