Listen to what Heaven, has to say, about the current times, in which we are all living. Listen to the words of Jesus Christ the Lord, speaking from His Throne in Heaven, as He Testifies, to this current generation of souls.

What do you need to do, in order to survive living, in these End Times? Listen carefully to the instructions, and LIVE!

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Photo Credits:
Jesus Statue
Lake of Fire
Home Castle
Inside the Castle
Money Safe
Family Watching TV
Boy Watching TV
Naughty Child
Couple Driving
Today's Youth
Tolerance Ends
Car Crash
Woman doing the Limbo
Man Cheating at Limbo
Video clip: "Why the Mark of the Beast has come" - A Warning from Jesus Christ the Lord
Earth on Fire
Jesus Transfigured
The Two Witnesses
Jesus Crucified
Jesus With the Heavenly Army Set in Battle Array
Francis Waves
Golden Calf
Francis Kissing Feet
Francis Pretends to Pray
Obama Pretends to Pray
Time to Choose
Birds on a Limb

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