Fish Without A Bicycle
with Aaron Tsuru
Special Guest: Tanya Dakin

Episode 5!!! of Fish Without A Bicycle is our series of skypecasts (aka podcast meets videocast over skype), a "nudiecast" if you will, where we hang out with various amazing women in the arts. No script, no agenda, with minimal editing... just hanging out with maybe a cup of coffee on a nice weekend morning.

Today's special guest is iconic model & amazing photographer Tanya Dakin - - as we chat with her in her home in Phili, discussing modeling, photography, candy, and VAGINAS!!!

Completely rando and totally fun (for us, at least). Enjoy!

Starring (and Title image by) Tanya Dakin -
Filmed & Hosted by Aaron Tsuru -
Theme song - "Night One/Set Two" by The Necks (

If you enjoyed and have any topics you want me to discuss with our guest in our next episode, drop me a message here or at tsurufoto at gmail dot com!

Aaron Tsuru

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