Official Music Video for Rufus Wainwright - ZEBULON

Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Song: Zebulon
Album: All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu

Director/Editor: Gary Nadeau
DP: Ben Jacks

Rufus Wainwright recording "Zebulon" @ Avatar Studios in Manhattan 11/4/2009 by Gary Nadeau.

Shot w Canon 5D

This was shot while Rufus was recording his latest album. This final piece represents three or four takes. We had to make ourselves virtually invisible. We reset camera after each take. All dolly/zoom looks were done by me in post.

It was quite an honor to document this. I have been a long time fan of Rufus.

Here is some additional videos I made in support of his new album. Enjoy.

MUSIC VIDEO 2: Sonnet 20
Photo Shoot w/ Kevin Westenberg:

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