Kaitlyn's best feature is her exalted Moon, which is almost full, as well. She has also been in that Moon period since 2001. Moon is the indicator of the Mind and Mother. It is in the 5th house, indicating good fortune and past life Karma. Kaitlyn was born in a sun period. Her Sun is in Virgo (sidereal) and also in the 9th house of religion and good fortune, The sun is also the indicator for father.
In 2011 Kaitlyn is headed into her Mars period (7 years). Mars is not very well positioned here, in Leo, which is owned by the Sun. You'll notice that it is conjunct (together with) Rahu, whose period immediately follows Mars, for 18 years. The saving grace is that both planets are aspected by retrograde Jupiter, this giving her some organizational abilities, as well as the social skills to be motivated to understand what makes people tick.
During the Mars and Rahu periods, she can wear gold or a ruby.
While the rest of the family (mother father and twins are/were demi-gods in their past life, Kaitlyn is raksak, so she may be more fierce and more of a fighter.
A few words about Dawn: the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the dwadasamsa (12th divisional chart) may indicate some chronic illness. I would also recommend wearing gold or a ruby.

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