Something I shot over our one week skiing trip to Ruka, Finland in April 2014. Ruka is a high fell in Finnish lapland and is around 50 miles west from the border with Russia.

Music is Clean Bandit - Dust Clears

Cameras were a Canon 5D Mark III shooting Magic Lantern MLV raw and a GoPro Hero 3 shooting 2.7K 24fps and 1080p 50fps. I took a variety of lenses with me for the 5D but mainly stuck to my 24-105mm F4 L IS sheerly because of the image stabilisation. Timelapses were shot with the standard Canon internal H264 codec as I don't own a time-lapse remote. The footage was then sped up to 5000% and frame blending enabled. Grain used on some shots is Adobe Premiere Pro "Noise" plugin at monochromatic, 5%.

Post workflow:
- MLV files dumped using mlv_dump.osx and recursive0.4.command method via (see
- DNG sequences imported into DaVinci Resolve Lite 10 and graded (BMD Film colour space, Highlight Recovery, Osiris M31, Fujifilm 3513DI, Arri Alexa LUTs)
- Exported to Quicktime ProRes 4444 intermediate
- Cut in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
- Exported to a finishing H264 codec (1080p, 25fps, 50Mb/s, 2-Pass VBR, Maximum Depth & Render Quality, key framing every 25 frames)

Hope you enjoy and happy to answer any questions.


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