Understanding Cinema 2013-14: Holy Family Primary School - Exercise 2 (Girls' Group)

The Exercise: Create a brief scene (2-3min) which will be filmed using a Long Take. Film the scene from a fixed point. Then again with a moving camera. Particular attention will be paid to the use of sound in this exercise... This is the static take.

Here, the girls in Holy Family P7 came up with a thriller scene set in a church during a wedding!! They really enjoyed shooting this... Having come up with the general idea, they realised that they were up against a challenge in that it was going to be obvious that they are school children acting out a scene. They decided to add a twist at the end which reveals that they performing a school play (thus the character at the start was referring to the actors being nervous, rather than the bride and groom as we may have thought)!

They liked the effect that this framing created with the reflection on the shiny floor.

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