Here are some visitors who choose to "Photo Bomb" our time-lapse camera during observation of an abalone over the course of twelve days in April. The fish identifications below are numbered to correspond to each photo and were provided by Dr. David Witting, NOAA Restoration Center. Note that some of them are best guess since the fish are only partially visible in the photo in question.

1) California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus).
2) Surf Perch, (possibly a striped, Embiotoca lateralis).
3) Blackeye Goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii).
4) Brown Rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus).
5) Copper Rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) based on the copper streak across it's cheek and the light patch at the base of the dorsal spines, but consider that one a bit of a guess.
6) Painted Greenling (Oxylebus pictus).
7) ??
8) California Spiny Lobster (Panulirus interruptus).
9) Senorita Fish (Oxyjulis califonica).
10) California Scorpionfish (Scorpaena guttata).
11) California Sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher).
12) Kelp Bass (aka "Calico" Bass, Paralabrax clathratus).

Thanks to all the divers involved in the project including Dave for the fish IDs and Amanda Bird of Coast Keeper Orange County for helping Bill to recover the camera.

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