We are a People’s Brand!

Our evolution into the ‘World’s Trusted Money Transferrer’ has been an incredible journey spanning three decades. A journey through a fast-changing world with people becoming increasingly mobile, businesses crossing the farthest of borders, commercial indexes skyrocketing, and global fund flows thickening.

The challenge we faced all through our journey was not to move with the trends, but to set them for others to follow... to pioneer standards which would help organize the remittance industry, so that it can effectively stand up to the needs of the transforming world.

UAE Exchange started off in 1980 with a small branch in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Today when we look back, we see the fine empire we have built, spreading across five continents, and bringing delight to millions of people everyday.

During our journey, we turned every challenge into opportunity, and consolidated every market we strategically entered into, right from North America to Oceania. We relentlessly improved on our services, delivery systems and value-chain through innovation, infusing technology which always had a human touch. We associated with the best addresses in the financial world, and passed on the advantage to all. We achieved new quality and business competency benchmarks all through, so that we could deliver greater value to our customers.

But what has rendered the impetus for us to move forward was the factor which forms the bastion of our business. People... the ordinary man who walks into our branches brimming with the confidence that our services would responsibly take care of their day-to-day financial management needs, for whom we are the most reliable channel which connects them with their loved ones living far away, and who have placed our brand close to their hearts.

Value of an enterprise cannot be created overnight, and in a business as dynamic as remittance, one has to have the right approach, conviction and poise to build it over a long period. Our deep understanding of the changing needs of our customers and the pulse of the market have helped us provide outstanding products and services across the world. UAE Exchange is acclaimed as a brand that ensures value-for-money for customers and fruitful relationship for all business associates. Our customers love our brand because of the value that we give them back, and our associates respect us not just because of our revenue generating power and emphasis on quality, but for our productive and reliable collaboration skills.

As a people’s brand, we have always been a valued partner to our associates, a responsible community member, and above all an enterprise that does responsible and ethical business. We have hired people with human values, for whom service matters the most. We operate with customer-friendly products, processes and partners.

And we are the leader in remittance by far. With every passing day, new standards are achieved and new dreams are built in the remittance industry. More and more people transcend the globe in search of career and commerce. UAE Exchange has always been in the forefront to address the needs of the marketplace, and would continue delivering the best possible service to the communities we serve. That’s why we are known as the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer.

We would continue delivering value and would use every opportunity to build new trusted, lasting and meaningful relationships.

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