Post-event interviews with Ken Wolski, Scott Gorman, and Mike Chazukow at the marijuana legalization forum at Montclair State University on April 17, 2014. Non-authorized cameras were not allowed to record. Though we were assured the full video would be made available online, I've yet to find it. (All I could locate is a brief video synopsis:

Three pro-legalization panelists + 3 anti-legalization panelists + 1 MSU moderator = a very interesting and welcome debate. Thanks to all who participated and attended—it's great to see the dialogue opening up, and in such an official setting as my very own alma mater.

(Cue the music from the movie Mannequin: "And we can build this dream forever, standing strong forever—nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us nooooooow.")

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From the event info page~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What are the pros and cons? Come hear experts on both sides of the issue.

What's at stake?
What does the latest health research say?
Benefits of free market vs. downside of black market?
Get your questions answered
Be a part of our live, interactive poll


Pro Legalization
Mike Chazukow (Outreach Coordinator for NJ NORML)
Ari Rosmarin (Public Policy Director for the ACLU of New Jersey)
Ken Wolski (RN & Executive Director of Coalition for Medical Marijuana)

Con Legalization
Diane Litterer (CEO & Executive Director of NJ Prevention Network)
Ramon Ortiz Esq. (NJ Lawyers Assistance Program)
Dr. Kate Marinchak (Clinical Psychologist from Trinity College, specializing in Addiction)

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