Running the Arizona Tough Mudder with some old friends. Song: Rose Rouge by Saint Germain
Below are the obstacles and the minute mark:
Soggy Bottom: 0:53
Tube Mile: 1:07
Kiss of Mud: 1:28
Glory Blades: 1:43
Warrior Carry: 2:04
Balls to the Wall: 1:16
Arctic Enema: 2:57
Lube Tubes: 3:46
Dirty Ballerina: 4:02
Prairie Dog: 4:17
Funky Monkey: 4:35
Hold Your Wood: 5:24
Pitfall: 5:31
Mud Mile: 6:10
Devils Beard: 6:35
Walk the plank: 6:57
Just the Tip: 7:15
Berlin Walls: 8:27
Everest: 9:09
Electroshock Therapy: 9:44

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