Duration: 3’34’’
Image: 16:9 widescreen
Format: dvd-PAL
Genre: videoart
Country of Production: Greece
Year of Production: 2007

Director: Polina Zioga
Producer: Polina Zioga
3d-animation: Nikos Nastis

© 2007 Polina Zioga
The video “I dreamt I was a butterfly” has taken its title from the homonymous story by Zhuangzi, the Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC.
Taking personal experiences as a starting point, I draw images from clinical material of my body, such as MRI scans of the brain, I use 3d-animation techniques and I create landscapes-models with artificial materials, which I transform into a pictorial journey. Central figure of the video is the butterfly, symbol of the soul and psychosomatic transformation, a small Odysseus, which awakes inside the body and takes us in new, dreamlike places, luminous or dark, natural or artificial, true or fake.

The video has been screened in:
"Digital Art Collections" Video Art Exhibition, "Ionikes Giortes 2014" Cultural Festival (Nea Smirni, 2014).
"VISIONS FROM THE FUTURE .:Iridescent Worlds:." (Torino, Italy, 2010).
“Moving Frames Festival” (Mytilene, Greece, 2009).
“Videologies” (Tripoli, Greece, 2009).
“Platforma Video 08 International Film Festival” (Athens, Greece, 2008).
“Festival Miden” (Kalamata, Greece, 2008).
“Athens Video Art Festival” (Athens, Greece, 2008).

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