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It was the desire to feed into the momentum towards an understanding of how we can reduce the amount of food we waste that motivated me to explore the solutions to food waste – those which are currently being successfully implemented by various initiatives and organisations within the UK.

As a photographer my chosen method of exploring subjects is a visual one, but I decided I wanted to take things a little further by creating a dedicated website – this allows me to share the journey as I discover what’s being done, rather than simply building up a body of work over time, and confining it to the walls of a London gallery, or the pages of a self-published book.

I hope with time the site will grow to become a resource – a place where people can come not just to glimpse the great work being done, but connect with the organisations and individuals doing this work, as well as find out about food waste – the problems, the consequences and the solutions, from people working on the frontline of the movement for change.

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