Live stream recording - Thursday 24 april 2014 from 19.32 C.E.T.

VIDEO 1: - Welcome speech: Diederik Samsom, Leader of the Dutch Labour Party

VIDEO 2: - Speeches by Jens Stoltenberg (Former Prime Minister of Norway, new Secretary General of NATO) and Martin O'Malley (governor of Maryland, USA),

VIDEO 3: - Panel Debate - "Europe's future: What is the new unifying idea?" + Closing Remarks - "Making Europe work" Paul Tang(PvdA number one candidate for the European Parliament) and Lodewijk Asscher (Deputy Prime Minister of The Netherlands). (coming up)

VIDEO 4: Night Owl Session - "What’s Gone Wrong With Our Democracy And How To Revive It?" (coming up)

The world is changing. Old certainties are challenged, new opportunities to make progress arise. The vast challenge for progressive politicians in Europe and beyond is to create jobs of the future, to fight inequalities within countries and between countries and to make markets at service of society. For these common challenges we need to work together in Europe and we need to develop new ideas.

What is the new unifying idea for Europe and how can we revive the progressive notion in global and transatlantic politics? Is social Europe a tired slogan or a future promise? And how can we strengthen our democracies and build strong and grassroots progressive movements? This night of ideas and debates will revolve around these questions.

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