"L'ange" (The angel) : a man take a cab driven by a strange driver. The journey began slowly but don't believe in what you feel...

Direction : Daniel Ablin
Duration : 8 mn 30
1st ad : Eric Prouteau
Dop : Doumé Delapierre
Grip : Bernard Vanderick
Dop assistant : Stéphane D’Agueno
Set designer : Paul Chapelle
Stylism : Marie Laure Pinsard
Make up and hair styling : Shirley Drai
Music score : Alain Marna
Edit : Jacques Terrien
Mixing : Philippe Benoist
Title sequence : Jessy deshais
Sfx and color grading : Franck Darnois

With :
The angel : Marc Amyot
Paul : Emmanuel Keravec
Virginie : Virginie Théron
Paul young : Aristide Terrier
Other child : Pierre Ablin
Bank manager : Michaël Sarfati

Shot with DV panasonic PD 150 / Post production and color grading on Flame.
Location : a tunnel under the "Stade de France" ! (Yes!)

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