Based on the book of German writer Juli Zeh - “In Free Fall”. In this passage, one of the characters attempts to describe the nature of things by comparing it briefly to the long-exposure photography. My initial idea was to grasp the essence of the text by using the simples shapes possible. I wanted to overwrite the words visually and ultimately extend the viewer’s experience.

MUSIC / Loscil - Zero
VOICE OVER / Kristina Roe

"Take this cup. Imagine that you can photograph it from high above, with an exposure of a million years. It will not show as a cup, but as an impenetrable mesh. There will be a frayed, lighter patch in the middle where clay is formed in the earth. Around it will be the traces of the human beings who mine the clay and work it into porcelain. The forming of the cup. The transport of it. The use of it. Its disintegration. The material it is made of going back into circulation. You also see the stories of how all the people involved in producing and using the cup come into existence and fall away. You would see that this cup transcends time and space and is quite simply connected with everything, because everything is quite simply part of the same process. And if you were able to increase the exposure to an infinite degree, and the distance from which you view it to an infinite distance, you would see reality as it really is. Everything flowing into everything else, outside of both space and time. A tightly woven carpet by the bed of a god who does not exist. Amen."

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