This is one of six videos about fully integrated Roma in Italy for the Italian Roma rights organization Associazione 21 luglio (

Leo and Alex are brothers. Leo and his team have recently won the regional basketball championships of Lazio. His younger brother Alex is following in his footsteps to become a passionate basketball player.

The Roma minorities in Italy, the prejudice goes, are nomads. They want to live in encampments and don't want to work because it's in their culture.
Based on these assumptions, the Italian State has been building expensive container camps on the very outskirts of the cities, far away from vital infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and public transportation.
These camps, surrounded by barbed wire fences, 24-hour video surveillance and armed guards at their entrances, have created a state of apartheid for the Roma in Italy, a breeding ground for diseases, misery, crime, and an insurmountable exclusion that does not leave any hope for integration.

What almost nobody knows, is that only 2% of Roma in Italy are living a nomadic life style. Four out five Roma in Italy live in normal houses and have regular jobs. Most of those Roma keep their ethnic identity secret out of fear for discrimination.

Directed by Christine Pawlata and Nicola Moruzzi

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