“Thirst” is a Groundhog-Day-type comedy, about a man cast into a desert, hoping to quench his thirst for water.

Film Objective
Place hope in your fellow man to give a lending hand. The ones who do will persevere in life.

*Official Selection 2010 Best of Fest Awards - Best Comedy
*Official Selection 2010 Doorpost Film Project

Clark Koelsch..........Himself
Matt Yoakum..........Driver
Rebecca Zamolo......LA Girl
Peanut......Miniature Pincher
Chris Mceuen.......Thirsty Voice

Written and Produced by
Clark Koelsch & Keith Rivers

Keith Rivers

Director of Photography
Ryan Reese

Associate Producer
Neil Mooney

Music Composition
Eric Holljes

Field Audio
Shane Kodad

Sound Designer/Motion Graphics/Editor
Keith Rivers

Matt Yoakum

Car Mount Specialist
Neil Mooney

Production Assistant
Matt Yoakum

Location Scout
Clark Koelsch

Aaron & Judy Koelsch for the Palm Springs base camp
Michael Gaston for the underwater camera gear
Kevin Antholt for the matte box, focus pull, HD monitor, and slider
Nikko Hall for the car mount gear
John Kenney Jr.
Yancy Phillips
Doorpost Film Project 2010

Thirst by Keith Rivers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at

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