Digital video art piece of timelapse depicting 'Life as a city tree'. This short video sees the a figure in the landscape placing themselves into the ambient city life in Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania as a city tree. This figure has his trunk and limbs dressed up in LEDs just as the trees do. The final rendering adds the juxtaposing layer of sound which comes from a native forest landscape and is in direct contrast with the very essence of this scene.

The work is intended to ask the viewer to immerse themselves in this scene, a space and place where the trees are passionately regarded as precious piece of the urban landscape, within a community that will fight for their preservation, despite their non-native origins, and ask them to consider why it is that the status we place on these trees should be any different to those residing in our native forests that have just been removed from World Heritage status.

Canon 400D
EF-S 18-55mm lens
Images taken at 10 second intervals
4 second shutter speed
Final movie 36 seconds
Displayed on wall projector in a black room with no other light and surround sound.

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