Ok so this is my first ever recorded tutorial. Please note I'm insanely nervous so I make alot of mistakes! I'm using my webcam as a microphone so the sound is pretty bad and yes as you can see the overall quality is poor. I will try better next time :)

In this short tutorial for CINEMA 4D, I show how I solved a problem using subdivisional modelling. I first run through how to cut a hole in a cylinder but to follow the steps correctly I suggest you first check out Shane Bensons tutorials on Sub D modelling vimeo.com/user675518

Also if you would like to download my modelling layout for C4D follow this link and add it to your library folder
Program Files > MAXON > CINEMA 4D R. > Library > Layout and then once inside C4D go to the dropdown list at the very top right hand corner and choose the modelling layout from the list called Pauly_2014 (you can of course rename it once it's saved to the layout folder)

Link to layout tinyurl.com/nprbbvc

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