Chapter 2: JAM (Just Another Montage)

This was supposed to be the story of an old man trapped in the box. His lifetime memories flash before us as we hear his voice over diatribe about the perils of growing old. Much like the box in the warehouse, he feels stuck in this old house by the lake. His wife recently passed, and all that's left are aging possessions. Then the man snaps back to the present and hears some footsteps and the box opens to reveal a beach. Or is it a beach? And was that really just a box? Afterlife assumptions ensue.

So… what went wrong?

Our intended key VO talent wished not to be involved in the production, I got lazy, and time ran out.

I only post this up because we had a fun time making it. We will be back next time with the just announced t2i (god bless you canon), and hopefully we’ll have a … PLOT ;)

Filmed on the T1i. Scored in Garage Band. Cut on FCP.

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