Limited to a select number of Sydney’s finest, those renowned revelers who routinely rejoice over the rarest of realities in which they reside, LOST Hunting Club offered a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and infamous.

Far more than the aged practice of hunting for sport, Hunting Club is a refined and respectable institution that promotes a certain distinguished decadence; an arena for redemption of social capital, and a platform on which to refine oneself.

Perpetually dapper, fluent in three languages and able to hit 300 yard drives off the blue tee, well rounded modern gentleman and ladies enjoyed a day like no other.

We offer you an insight into the illustrious and exclusive soiree, with an in-the-action look at the day including polo games, 130+ horses, stunt planes, golf tournaments and lawn games.

LOST Events™ next adventure disembarks Sat, August 2nd so save the date!

SONG CREDIT: Wordlife ft Joyride - Celebrate Life

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