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In this presentation, Chris Schmidt of offers a plethora of quick Cinema 4D tips, including a technique for creating gooey dynamics, using the Cloner Blend mode to create rows of chairs, getting a glow look from Sketch & Toon, and easily creating a brick wall.

02:18Texturing Instances
05:45Folded Button
06:56Noise Delta
08:05Default Interpolation
08:51Gooey Dynamics
14:25User Data
17:55Test Renders
18:29Chair Rows / Cloner Blend Mode
20:24Drag Shaders & Colors
21:02Cloth Nurbs Subdivide
23:05HUD Info
24:03Low Poly Connect
25:32Select Identical
26:48Tracing Particles
30:45Sketch & Toon Glow
32:22Creative Selection
34:29Resetting Rig Position
35:41Weight Transform
37:59Copy Dynamics Tag
39:06Effectors as Deformers
40:27Tracer Tails
41:48Easy Brick Wall

Recorded live at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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