Excerpt from the end of An Extraordinary Echo
In-Sight Dance Company

Choreography: Leeanne M. G-Bowley
Dancers (in order of appearance): Dora Novak, Mishi Castroverde, Lina Kent, Shauna Sorensen, Cody Brunelle-Potter
Music: Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino (A Great Big World)

"To say this show was beautiful would be an understatement. There's something so moving, genuine, and honest about a performance as intimate as this one." - Rob Brayl for biggerthanbeyonce.com

An Extraordinary Echo is the original ballet set to the of Ian Axel (A Great Big World).

Excerpt from In-Sight Dance Company's evening length story ballet "An Extraordinary Echo".
An Extraordinary Echo addresses the issues and events that affect the Millennial Generation, or the Echo Boom Generation. Four characters grapple with their ability to inspire change in this ever-evolving world as the zeitgeist of their generation pushes them forward.

From progression to polarization, from the Internet to information overload, n Extraordinary Echo celebrates life and explores the Millennial Generation's desire to embrace modern challenges while moving the human race forward.

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