The first in a series of videos to come, HTX has identified specialized resources available to those commercializing medical technologies, performing medical research or otherwise contributing to the Medical and Assistive Technology (MAT) sector in Ontario.

HTX has worked with Spatio-Temporal Targeting and Amplification of Radiation Response (STTARR) to showcase some of the exciting resources available to those working within the MAT space.


- Innovative multidisciplinary radiotherapy research facility covering over 21,000 square feet
- Research aims to understand the dynamics of tumour and normal tissue as it responds to radiation
- 1500 square-feet of wet-lab space dedicated to developing new contrast agents, molecular probes and radiotracers
- Designed to support external and internal clients achieve their research aims
- Facility and Equipment Database

HTX has expanded its database to include specialized resources in Ontario. These resources are outlined in Facility/Equipment Database, which are available on the HTX website for the first time. To learn more about other resources and facilities visit

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