Not Ready

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Tech Specs: Shot on a Canon XH-A1 with some shots (bed from above) using the Canon WD-72 wide angle lens adapter. Posted originally to my YouTube channel:

An original song produced with the collaboration of the following people:

Performed by: Lowe Taylor (
Music & Lyrics by: Jesi Kinnevan (jesierin)
Piano Arrangement by: Tara Buzash (
Directed by: Jesi Kinnevan
Special Thanks to Dave Ritter (, Gary Hesketh (smartbluecat), and Meagen Kinnevan
Property of Minscoth Productions (c) 2010


People aren't always what they seem,
Cause you can't see what they feel or what they dream,
And I wonder what would change if you knew,
The way I feel when I dream of you,

Are you only a breath away?
Those missing words to make you see the truth?
If you could only hear what I can't say,
Maybe you would feel the same way too,

But if you don't, if you don't,
Just the thought now fills me with regret,
And so I wait, so I wait,
And hope you're just not ready for me yet

Someday when the time and place are right,
And the space between is close enough to leap,
I'll show what I've been hiding from the light,
And give you all I am as yours to keep,

There's so much I want to say,
I just can't find the words to make it true,
So I just wait for that someday,
When the words I want to say will come from you,

And if they do, if they do,
Our time apart I never will regret,
Because I'll know, and you'll know,
I just wasn't ready for you yet.

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