"And now it's time for your bedtime story to end the night. Let me tell you the tale of a girl named Katy, who lives in a colorless world wasting her life cutting meat for a mean old butcher. One cold rainy night, Katy escapes her dreadful reality and visits a vibrant Californian Candy Land in search for her mischievous pet cat, Kitty Purry.
A sweet and tasty tale to ensure sweet and tasty dreams, full of marshmallows and cotton candy and Hersheys kisses. This is not like the movies, so ignite your lights, and let them shine, and come into a very Perry Candy Land!"

Doppelganger Dames performer Kitty Purry and her Candy Girls.
Pickled Tink as Katy Perry
Krystyna as Peppermint Swirly
Sarah as Cotton Candy Cutie
Jane as Strawberry Bliss
Chris as Snoop Doggy Dogg

Mashup of Teenage Dream, I Kissed A Girl and California Girls.
Show inspired by The California Dreams Tour 2011.

Costuming, props, music editing: Pickled Tink

Super blurry I know, I cannot fix it :(

Show presented and recorded by Gallery Burlesque

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