Quick experiment generating geometry from nothing, everything is streamed through a single draw call using SV_VertedID and SV_InstanceID to generate all the scene,no geometry input.

All the scene is built in a single shader (excluding post processing), for a mere 384 lines of code, which builds a specular color+roughness,normal+ reflectivity texture.

Coloring is all done in post processing, with more or less standard deferred rendering (64 point lights with specular only brdf, hbao, depth of field+ bokeh, tonemap.

Animation is just done sending a single time parameter to the shader.

Please note this is just a tech demo, I didn't try to follow the music, add too much energy into the content ;)

Runs real time on a decent config (eg: desktop).

Made with FlareTic

Music: Heliograph by Chris Zabriskie (chriszabriskie.com)

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