Fantasia On A Single Number is both a live-set and an open composition, and takes its final shape through live performance. The piece is composed for a live-electronics instrument, designed as a complex dynamical sonic system whose raw power the performer guides into states of equilibrium, oscillation, chaotic behavior, noise and silence. It is based on digital feedback, set in motion by one single number which draws from the guts of the machine an intense and compelling stream of bursts, rhythms, turbulence, drones and resonances. No other sound sources are used but real-time manipulation of the number's path within a synthetic space, revealing its emergent beauty as it populates a constantly shifting digital universe.
The instrument is created in the SuperCollider real-time audio synthesis programming language.

Stelios Manousakis’ solo live electronics project aims to merge vocabularies and approaches from different, often seemingly clashing, realms of electronic music: noise and no-input music with electroacoustic composition with vibrant underground tekno.

This is a live performance at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle, USA, December 2009.

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