EDIT: Currently part of The Kleptones live AV set, so shown at Glastonbury, Bootie London at Cargo, London and loads of other places!

First video from The Videotones project taking each track of the Kleptones excellent 'Uptime/Downtime' kleptones.com/pages/downloads_ud.html and creating a video for it. This one is by Instamatic, mashing up The Day of the Locust with Guns n Roses, LFO, Chemical Brothers, Ken Russell, Emerson Lake & Palmer and Basement Jaxx.

If you like this there's more of my videos on my YouTube channel youtube.com/timbearcub and my own Vimeo: vimeo.com/user1486621

And Welcome Back is now available for your iPod! media.libsyn.com/media/radioclash/Welcome_back_3.m4v

We're still looking for contributors to turn the rest of the Uptime / Downtime album into video - so give us as shout or email Eric at eric@kleptones.com if you're interested.

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