My work is about human habits and the beauty surrounding perpetuated moments. I primarily explore these repetitive actions through photography and video. These processes allow me to build a personal relationship with the people I follow, imitating their own habits with a habitual creative process. My intention is to encourage one to take a look inside their own habits and take the time to see the beauty of the repetitive life.
Photography and video are two mediums that can go hand in hand to create something that is visually stunning. With these medias, I want to capture the habits that consume our daily lives, shining light on diverse repetitive actions, such as smoking, exercising or simply putting on makeup. I followed three people approximately 25 days, taking photos and video of them performing their daily habits. Every week, I met up with these individuals and documented their lives. Through this time period I consistently built videos from these accumulated habitual moments through a multi-channel approach.
I want people to reflect on their own experiences or perceptions of their habitual lifestyles by creating something that people can relate to on a different level. As an artist I want to provide people with the opportunity to see the everyday habitual moments in a new way, through this accumulation of images and the compression of time. This thesis is a way to dig deep within myself and into other people’s lives to expose human actions that are normally not seen, at least over an extensive space of time.

Thank you so much to Minor Movements for the wonderful music. Listen to him at

Thank you also to the people that let me film them for 25 days straight. I am seriously overcome with emotion that this is finally done with and it can be shown to the public. Thanks again!

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