Art Video: The 'Cakeland' project by Scott Hove

Experience the cake-and-hell themed sculptures and installations in this hallucinatory new video by Colin Day. West Coast artist Scott Hove wants to either feed your mind or steal your soul, and the ride either way is not easily forgotten.
Some of the works seen in the video will be featured in his San Francisco exhibition titled 'Master of Rapacity', opening May 31st at Hashimoto Contemporary gallery. Information on the show can be found at


Cakeland the art of Scott Hove


by The Kahauaanu Lake Trio

Profane Serpentorgy of Apokalyptic Proportions
by Enbilulugugal

Forbidden City
by Marc Simz

High Priestess of Mars
by Electric Wizard

Clay-colored robin and Swainson's thrush
by the Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs


Simone Rene
Alise 'Agent A' Audibert
Ali Prescott
Serena Serpentine

Make-up FX

Leanne Elrod Rodriguez
Michael Childre

Audio Mix by Jack Fusting

Artist website:
Instagram:@scotthove FB: The Art of Scott Hove

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