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What is the essence of Hong Kong Architecture? 8 architects and planners encounter each other at the topics of border and connection, home and community, disappearance and remembrance, waterfront and reclamation, questioning the role of architecture to life and society.

本屆威尼斯建築雙年展香港展覽,將首次以「建築 × 電影」的跨媒界手法,由四名香港新進導演將邊境建築、居住空間、基建藍圖注入人文觀察­,反思建築在人文生活中扮演的角色。 四套由香港出發放射到四個珠三角網絡都巿的短片,將各以一建築基本元素(居住空間、邊­境建築/連繫與交匯基建、善終空間及規劃藍圖),引伸出建築及香港各式建築類型如何影­響周邊城巿的人文風景、生活、感情、慾望和價值觀。

It spans from the implementation of political reform and the opening-up policy 30 years ago to the planned development of the "Delta Four" over the next 30 years. For the first time, Venice Biennale Hong Kong Exhibition is curated with a cross-media approach that combines architecture and film. Four up-and-coming Hong Kong filmmakers discuss border architecture, living space and urban planning in film language, filtered by humanistic perspectives that ponder the role of architecture in our lives.

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Shot with 5D ML RAW

Client: Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Format: HD
Director: Eggtart Chow
DOP: Eggtart Chow
Assistant: Gloria Cheung
Motion Graphic: Eggtart Chow


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