A little exercise - "puppet needs a drink" - that turned into a variation on Ingmar Bergman's classic Seventh Seal.
Animated on ones at 25 fps, shot with a Nikon D50 and video assist from a spycam looking through the viewfinder was captured with Stopmotion Pro 5.

Puppets made and animated by Nick Hilligoss, dialog cheerfully stolen from the original film, and mistranslated with decreasing regard for what they actually said as the storylines diverge.

In the original, the knight challenges Death to a game of chess, which Death is quite good at - in this version, he figures his chances would be better with something Death might not have so much experience with.

All in the spirit of parody, and a sincere appreciation of Bergman's work.
The original scene can be found on the web, also the entire film with subtitles, if anyone wants to compare.

Moved to Vimeo from Youtube because I'm fed up with them dropping frames and framerate - with animation, every frame counts, and takes a lot of care to get right.

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