Portland, Oregon (saturday afternoon on NW 23rd Street).
A short film by Visual Poet, Kavita Bali. (15 min, April 2014).

A self induced challenge to learn digital editing. This little piece was shot guerrilla handheld style, on Sat. 4/26/2014 with an iPhone, edited on Tues. 4/29/2014 in iMovie. The motivation, was to participate in the Weekend Challenge: 'One Day on Earth - Your City'.

Saturday, as I chatted with folks along the famous NW 23rd street in Portland, Oregon, it was clear that everybody had a common observation about their beloved city. It has a small town feel which creates a sense of community which they dearly love.

Special thanks go out to the good hearted folks who allowed me to spontaneously videotape them on Saturday without any notice other than a kind smile and authentic desire to learn.

In the order of their appearance in the film:

* Steele Tsoumasi, Street Meat food cart (in the red hat)
* Coast Redwood - Sequoia Sempervirens - Portland's favorite tree - 1987
* Ted (an honored citizen)

* Mark (Exit Real World)

* Shay & Morgan (Sammy's Flowers)

* Jess, Brittany & Turtle (Hip Hound)

* The good natured guys at (Food Front Co-op on Thurman)

Thank you for showing me how kind and warm-hearted Portland folks are!

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