Technology has become a ubiquitous part of everyone’s lives.

It gives us the ability to communicate verbally and visually with anyone from around the world.

Our global community is growing closer and more people are online than ever before.

Then Why is it that Technology separates us from the people around us every day.

Can you even remember who sat next to you on the bus this morning? Or were you busy playing Candy Crash Saga?

What if the new popular app gave people a way to interact with those around them.

The very same people they would usually ignore everyday.

All with just music.

Here is how it works:

When walking and listening to music, you have now the ability to activate a gps locator on the map, the position will be saved, and you will be able to write a story about that location, and pin it with the song you have in mind, or just the song you listened to when the story happened.

And the next person that will walk on your saved spot...

Will get a notification, and will be able to read your story, listen to the song you placed there, and maybe add to the song another story, from another country!

In this way technology is used to bond people, and let them open themselves through music, without invading personal spaces or needs.

And in this way the people from all over the world will be connected by the magical red thread of a single song, empowered with everyone's stories, experiences and locations.

This is not only a way to express and charge a song with affection and feelings, but also a way to share to whoever wants to listen and read to, a way to create a life of its own to the very same song, and eventually come back to where everything started

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