Geo are evolving audiovisual concerts by Giorgio Partesana and Duncan Pinhas.

(Recording of realtime performance, no important post production)


Project Geo is planned to be a trilogy. The intent is to give a non-exhaustive-inspiring-emotional-immersive-meditative-audiovisual representation of the three main "non living" systems of the planet, namely hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere.

The chapters are drafted to confront matters in their natural state with some of their human transformation. Amplification and time-based manipulation of these recorded audiovisual materials provoke physical sensations which allows abstract geometries to acquire personal meanings.


Study for Geo I - Liquid Traces - is a preliminary work, waiting to be finalized. It focus on liquid matters which fluidity suggests, in some its forms, the ever mutating flow of things as well as the traces their flow leaves.


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